Why You Should Take your Partner to Sukhothai’s Holy Heart Land


This one is for the lovers out there!


Want to take your other half on one of the word’s most interesting and unique dates – then the Love Festival at Holy Heart Land in Sukhothai is for you! This is the first year that this festival happened and 99 couples from Thailand and around the world partook in a celebration of love and Sukhothai traditional customs. First off all the couples met together to be taken to the aptly named ‘ Island of Love’ by an ox-drawn carriages which were decorated with flowers, as is tradition.
Holy Heart Land in Sukhothai
All dressed in beautiful wedding attire, it was a sight to behold.Now the island itself is shaped like a heart and sits inside a heart shaped lake also, so there aren’t many places like this around the world! The lovers then attended a Buddhist ceremony overseen by local monks to give happiness, blessings and longevity to the relationships. Then love was literally ‘in the air’ as each of the 99 couples sealed their love with a hot air balloon ride to take in the heart shaped land mass from above.

This event is planned to run annually now, so if dinner and a movie no longer cuts it – I’m sure this day of romance and tradition surely will! 

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