Women’s Journey Thailand 2016 Campaign


Designed to encourage female travellers to come and visit Thailand.


Today we will be filling you in on a new special campaign that will be running throughout the month of August and which is designed to encourage female travellers to come and visit Thailand. The month of August has been chosen for the campaign because this is when the Queen of Thailand’s 84th birthday falls and so will be a fitting tribute to a woman who is so close to the hearts of all Thais.

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Women’s Journey Thailand Concepts

The campaign has been named ‘Women’s Journey Thailand’ and its aim is to inspire and entice female travellers. The campaign itself is divided into five different promotional concepts, namely Beautiful Look, Beautiful Shape, Beautiful Mind, Beautiful retreat and Beautiful Experience.

Domestic and International Marketing Activities

The campaign will involve a number of different activities, all designed to appeal to female travellers. It will also be a chance to showcase the incredible contribution that women, in Thailand and around the world, make to their societies. For example, renowned female bloggers and travel writers from around the Asia Pacific region will be invited to share their experiences, whilst professional and amateur photographers will be welcomed to photograph some of Thailand’s best and most iconic natural and cultural attractions.

In addition to such activities, a number of exciting promotions, discounts and special privileges will be offered to female travellers, and five airports will be supporting the campaign by offering special ‘Lady Only’ immigration lanes. The campaign enjoys broad support from various tourism related businesses and indeed many business and industry leaders attended the campaign launch to demonstrate their support for the initiative.

Number of Female Visitors to Thailand

With so many exciting activities and promotions planned there is high confidence that the campaign will be a great success in encouraging more women to come and visit Thailand, which in turn should help to boost Thai tourism. Indeed the number of female visitors to Thailand is already showing rapid growth, averaging just over 11% from 2007-2014, and so more and more, women are being seen as a crucial market and one that Thailand has every intention of welcoming with open arms.

Plan your Thailand Vacation, Holiday or Getaway

Well I’m afraid that that is all we have time for on this edition of iTravel Exclusives. If you’d like to find out more about the campaign, keep your eye out for the ‘Women’s Journey Thailand’ mobile app, which should be released very soon.

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